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Benefits of Heat Pumps

A heat pump is the clear choice for energy efficient heating and cooling in Minnesota.

Heat pump installed outside of home with lush gardens
Heat pump installed outside of home in winter

Comfort for every season

A heat pump is a reliable heating and cooling solution to keep you comfortable during Minnesota’s hot summers and long winters. Variable speed heat pumps provide year-round benefits, including consistent temperatures, quiet operation, and better dehumidification. Some cold-climate models can continue to provide heat into negative outdoor temperatures.

Heat pump installed outside of home with homeowner gardening

Good for the planet

A heat pump is a powerful tool to make your home greener. Instead of burning fossil fuels to create heat, electrically powered heat pumps move heat. With our increasingly cleaner electric grid, adding a heat pump is one of the most impactful home upgrades you can make to lower emissions. 

A HVAC technician speaking with homeowners

A hybrid choice for homeowners

A heat pump paired with a natural gas or propane furnace is a smart way to manage your energy bills. With a hybrid system, you can decide whether to use the heat pump or your furnace depending on fuel prices. If gas prices hike, you can save money by leveraging your electric heat pump during the winter. 

Is your home ready for a heat pump?

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