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About the Collaborative

A joint effort from Center for Energy and Environment and Minnesota utilities to promote heat pump adoption across Minnesota. 

Our Goal

started in 2019

The MN ASHP Collaborative strives to establish heat pumps as the preferred option for both customers and contractors when upgrading their heating and cooling systems, offering an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional air conditioners.  

Through strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts, we aim to influence codes and standards that prioritize the use of air source heat pumps over traditional air conditioners by 2035.  

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National Workgroup Participation

  • CLASP Hybrid Heating Workgroup
  • Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP)
  • Advanced Heat Pump Coalition (MEEA)
  • Consortium for Energy Efficiency
  • NASEO Residential Energy Efficiency and Beneficial Electrification Task Force
  • Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition

Our Funders

The MN ASHP Collaborative is funded through Minnesota's Efficient Technology Accelerator, a partnership funded by the state’s investor-owned utilities (IOUs), administered by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources (DER), and implemented by Center for Energy and Environment (CEE). The Collaborative is also funded by consumer-owned electric utilities, including Great River Energy, Missouri River Energy Services, and Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency.